Breaking News Zulfiqar Mirza storms police station, manhandles officials in Badin

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    Zulfiqar Mirza storms police station, manhandles officials in Badin

    Former provincial interior minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza addressing his supporters in Badin. PHOTO: ONLINE

    BADIN: Former Sindh home minister Zulfiqar Mirza on Sunday stormed a police station in Badin and manhandled security personnel for trying to arrest and registering an FIR against his aide.

    Mirza reportedly stormed the Model police station along with his supporters, abused the officials and damaged furniture for filing a case against Nadeem Mughal.


    Mirza along with his supporters arriving at the Model Police Station in Badin. PHOTO: ONLINE

    The former provincial home minister also forcibly locked shops of local traders, Taj Mohammad Mallah and Imtiaz Ahmed Memon who filed the complaint against Mughal.

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    Mirza said that he will not leave his supporters alone in difficult times, and will not let them be targets to political victimisation, adding that the only fault of these people was that they supported the truth, and accepted the Bhuttos as their leaders but former president Asif Zardari has ruined the Pakistan Peoples Party.

    FIR registered

    In retaliation, local traders filed a case against Mirza and 20 of his supporters for attacking and threatening them, and damaging their property.

    Later in the evening, another case was registered against the former home minister and 30 others for vandalising the police station. The complaint was filed by SHO Wali Muhammad Chang.

    The entire city was shut as tension prevailed. Law enforcement agencies were deployed to handle any untoward situation.

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