News Rangers will not be able to stabilise Karachi for long: Imran Khan

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    Rangers will not be able to stabilise Karachi for long: Imran Khan
    By Web Desk
    Published: May 14, 2015

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan said on Thursday that an apolitical police force is the solution to the Karachi situation and not the deployment of rangers.

    “The whole country is devastated by the Safora incident. People are as devastated as they were by the APS tragedy,” Imran said.

    The PTI chief said decisions were made at the all party conference that measures will be taken against terrorists but the situation has not changed. PTI even reluctantly agreed to the ‘Army courts’ decision, he added.

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    “The rangers will not be able to stabilise Karachi for long,” Imran said.

    “The police force needs to be properly inducted. In KPK the police are inducted via NTS whereas in Sindh, police is inducted via bribes.”

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    Speaking about the judicial commission, the PTI chief revealed that an open trial is being conducted by the judicial commission.

    “PML-N did not expect PTI to have any evidence but after witnessing their preparation they were taken aback. They are not even guilty that they called Mahmood Anwar a liar.”

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