PTI Govt Failed To Protect Nation From Covid-19, Made Money Through Corruption Amid Pandemic –...

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    PTI Govt Failed To Protect Nation From Covid-19, Made Money Through Corruption Amid Pandemic – PMLN

    PMLN says Imran Khan and his government have failed to safeguard the country from the novel coronavirus and has devastated the country economically with corruption and blunders.

    Talking to media in Islamabad, Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Khawaja Asif, Ahsan Iqbal and Khurram Dastgir Khan said the government could not share its strategy to fight the pandemic because the government does not have any strategy.

    Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said the PTI leaders say the government has an evolving strategy which is another name for a strategy based on knee-jerk reactions. He said there is so much data and precedents across the world to analyse, predict, plan and implement a strategy on various phases of the covid19. But this government he said, demonises the lockdowns one day, announces the lockdown the same day, does nothing to implement the lockdown, lifts the lockdown after 3 weeks and then announces imposing it back the very next day and yet calls it a lockdown while everything is open with markets swarming with people.

    Abbasi said, this not an evolving strategy, this is absolute confusion, cluelessness, inability, incapacity and total mayhem. The federal government is easing lockdown while the provinces are tightening them. The Prime Minister, the health Minister, Interior Minister and Minister Finance were all missing from the parliamentary session, he pointed out, and said, which shows the commitment of these people and their government to democratic institutions and will to solve people’s problems. The Foreign Minister lied on the floor of the house saying Pakistan is conducting over 20 thousand tests everyday which more than any South Asian country. The truth however is that the government is conducting a little over 10 thousand tests among which the percentage of positive patients is dangerously high, he said.

    He said if these individuals are scared of the opposition and PTI wants to use the session only as a platform to abuse and cuss at the opposition’s Constructive criticism. They should constitute a committee instead that would meet everyday instead of holding a session.

    Khawaja Asif said the government has failed completely to handle covid-19 outbreak and is instead busy looting the people amid a pandemic through its minsters, office holders and cronies. He revealed that after making billions in sugar, wheat and medicine a special assistant of the Prime Minister is busy selling one of the most valuable assets of PIA, the Roosevelt Hotel in USA.

    He said the nation is being fed lies every day through botched and reduced numbers. He pointed out the like. Secretary Health Balochistan pointed out that there are hundreds of thousands of suspected coronavirus cases in the province. He said similar situation might hold in other provinces too and the number could go to tens of millions, he warned. Asif said this government is leading the country into irreversible disaster through lies, confusion and blunders.

    Ahsan said the country was told that Asad Umar heads the affairs regarding coronavirus but Asad give contradictory statements everyday. On the other hand the Prime Minister gives a new statement. He said the opposition wanted to ask the government in the session of the parliament if it had decided to impose a lockdown, if yes, where is the cabinet approved document. Also were the provinces taken on board these decisions. But instead of getting answers to these questions the house got cussing, exclusionary remarks about federating units, shouting and abuse.

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