PPP’s elected Minority legislators express gratitude to Bilawal Bhutto for ensuring Sindh...

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    KARACHI, August 9: Eight newly-elected MNAs and MPAs of Pakistan Peoples Party have extended deep gratitude to the Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for ensuring unanimous passage to Sindh Hindu Marriage Bill from the previous Sindh Assembly, which finally got assent from the Governor to become a law last week.

    Dr Mahesh Malani elected MNA on a general seat for the first time in Pakistan’s history, MPAs-elect on general seats Hariram Kishorilal, Gianchand Essrani, and Ramesh Lal, Surendar Valasai, Rana Hameer Singh, Mukesh Kumar Chawla and Lalchand Ukrani pointed out that passage of Sindh Hindu Marriage Bill was not possible without express directives of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as the outgoing Sindh Assembly adopted an amendment on its last day in May, 2018.

    With the assent of Governor, the Bill has become a law. The Bill was tabled by a Opposition MPA Nand Kumar with the consent of all the Minority MPAs and full support of the Parliamentary Party of PPP, which developed consensus in both sides of the benches.

    The Bill awarded the right of separation to both husband and wife in addition to ensuring financial security of wife and children.

    The law says: “Either party to Hindu marriage, whether solemnised before or after commencement of this Act, may present a petition to the court praying for decree of judicial separation.”

    The PPP members also appreciated the former Minority Affairs Minister Dr Khatumal Jeewan and ex-MPA Poonjomal Bheel, the then Chairman of the Standing Committee on Minority Affairs for their contributions in the legislation as well as well the continuous support of the then Parliamentary leader of PPP Nisar Ahmed Khuhro and leaders of other Parliamentary groups for unanimous adoption of the Bill.

    It may be recalled that there was no law governing Hindu marriages in the country since seven decades.

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