Debate Policy Matters 14th May 2011

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    Marvi Memon, Zafar Ali Shah, Rauf Klausra

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    With regard to recently concluded joint parliament session briefed by Army officials, i want to add my opinion, firstly i think the whole session was misdirected and deliberately tried to focused on condemning US unilateral action took place in Abbotabad, whereas the question of how Osama's presence and hiding there for last five years was made possible was completely ignored. The threat to Pakistan security or sovereignty was not just the action taken by US but the presence of Osama and people alike in Pakistan, the action taken by US is the outcome of those kind of people hiding in Pakistan.
    In my opinion it was not just the intelligence failure it was actually the Surveillance failure as well, surveillance required technological hardware to combat such kind of intrusions, the question about how US action taken place falls in the category of surveillance which was an obvious failure and the question should be directed to Air chief Marshal only how the radars were unable to detect in coming helicopters in air as it was air space violation, now come to the question of how Osama was able to hide and live for five or six years was strictly falls in the domain of ISI that is human intelligence, ISI works on 40 years old traditional intelligence of person to person watch, they are so good at it that they know which and which political leader is doing what on a particular day, they even know who visit them and what they say about them, now when they say it was intelligence failure means they failed even to their own 40 years old practice, on which the D.G ISI said if parliament say i would resign and he already asked the chief of Army but he declined him to do so, in my opinion he must have resigned otherwise the doubts created by US and allies will get strong foot to believe that there must be some elements who are still patronising such elements, in greater national interest i would like him to be resigned.
    Whereas Air Marshal should be question for how our radars were outdated and why they were not upgraded or what about our reconnaissance aircraft where were those at that time.
    According to the news reported in newspapers it appears that the whole joint session was revolve around only the ISI chief and the questions about US action asked were all misdirected as those should be answered only by Air Marshal. To my knowledge no one raise the questions about Osama's hiding.
    Our establishment is still trying to give nation half of the truth and hiding the rest, and that is where, our not only the sovereignty but our national integrity is in great danger.

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