Marriyum Demands Apology From Imran for Sabotaging Diamir Bhasha Dam For 2 Years

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    Marriyum Demands Apology From Imran for Sabotaging Diamir Bhasha Dam For 2 Years

    ISLAMABAD: PMLN Secretary lnformation Marriyum Aurangzeb has demanded a public apology from Imran Khan for intentionally delaying PMLN Quaid Nawaz Sharif’s initiated Diamir Bhasha Dam work for over 2 years only because of political and personal prejudice and vengeance.

    In her response to Imran’s speech on his visit to Diamir Bhasha Dam, Marriyum said Imran’s petty and shallow politics of vindictiveness is costing the country and its people because for o errors 2 whole years, he delayed progress on a project of crucial national interest only to quench his unhealthy obsession with political victimisation of Nawaz Sharif and even his development work for this great country.

    She pointed out that as the Prime Minister, Nawaz started the on-ground construction of the Diamir Bhasha Dam. Nawaz took up the Diamir Bhasha project when it was in the doldrums, approved the financial plan, cleared the roadblocks in the construction of the project, allocated the land for the dam and gave the nation the good news of start of its construction 3 years back.

    But, she said, the shameless, unapologetic and repeat Project-Thief PTI is once again trying to claim credit for something they had nothing to do with, except for making matters worse by delaying its construction for over two years and increasing the project cost, which is their only special skill. The project was part of PMLN Quaid’vision of ridding the country from energy shortage and water scarcity by adding 4500 megawatts to the national grid and irrigating millions of acres, she added.

    The former Information Minister said Nawaz had directed full-throttle construction on the project from 2018, but the PTI government put it off till 2020. Nawaz’s name is stamped on every project of national development and public welfare and those who know nothing but cussing and accusing can never fathom the hardword and devotion by Nawaz Sharif to make these projects come to life, she concluded.

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