Machinations of American Embassy in Pakistan

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    Please start by reading here my letter to prime minister to understand the context of discussion.

    Machinations of American Embassy in Pakistan | Page 11

    Here I copy my last post for the sake of interest.

    Beverages in the Lahore city are slowly getting drugged again by beverage companies either at the production source or by their distributors. It had started since mid February but I never mentioned it here since many many beverages were still good. Situation is still not bad since it is not very difficult to get good water from so many places and some beverage companies are still holding up but it seems that corrupt crooks running the Pakistani government are gearing their effort towards another wide spread drugging activity, only this time in summer season. Corrupt crooks in our government know that big money will never be given to them until they completely obey the orders of CIA and retard many Pakistanis

    Since the situation might continue to get worse, I will invite TV channels like ARY and other bold places and tell them that there is a great room for very constructive, bold and truly investigative journalism. I mean some TV channels might be proud that they did investigative journalism and exposed corruption by some son of a chief justice or exposed how another chief justice managed to increase marks for her daughter. The only problem was that none of those chief justices really had hundreds of millions of dollars to stuff in any media group's mouth to shut them up. If you are really that investigative and patriotic and have the courage to stand up against the corrupt and rich crooks in the government of Pakistan, do a very good story on how corrupt elements in power in Pakistan take bribes from CIA and retard our own innocent Pakistanis and how all big food and beverage companies connive and cooperate in this retarding effort. And many many heads will roll everywhere. And this investigative story will dwarf any investigative journalism ever done in the history of our Pakistan, or the entire region. And the media group who does this service to our country will be given respect by most Pakistani people and will be held in formidable awe by their peers. And corrupt crooks in PML(N) or government of Pakistan will never have the courage to violate the constitutional rights of citizens of Pakistan by boldly retarding people here. These crooks have little ethics and once they know they will get big money and will never be brought to justice, they continue to become even bolder. Only because they know general Pakistani public will never know their crimes against our country Pakistan and the crook families continue to divide the money among each other. Let us tell everyone about this criminal activity and forever end this perception of crooks in power that nobody will ever know their crimes. If we as a nation do not hold these crooks accountable, they will continue to become even bolder without any bounds or limits in insulting our country Pakistan while feigning false love for Pakistan on TV and other media in order to stay in power and make riches for their families.

    If this is in fact proven that these companies drugged their products at source, we will take 50 crores from more than thirty companies each, and use those funds to set up a university of modern sciences and technologies(please do not give that money to corrupt and rich crooks in govt of Pakistan today so they start dividing the money among their families) and start a new phenomenon of technology and sciences entrepreneurship in our country, Pakistan something CIA actually thwarts from ever getting started in our country by retarding every possible seed in this area.

    Source: Machinations of American Embassy in Pakistan | Page 13

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