Kehne Mein Keya Harj Hai 22nd December 2009

Discussion in 'Kehnay Mein Kia Harj Hai?' started by NoToRi0uS, Dec 22, 2009.

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    Morality wise we are already a substandard nation. Let us start sex education at the age of 3 year later it might help to improve our graph of morality!!

    Sick minds talks with fresh tunes.

    Does anyone watch a show with a topic at what age we should start to give Islamic educating to our kids?

    For sex education we are demanding perfect study and for Islamic education and moral values we even don’t need to think about it!

    Sex and sex education could become big industry if every Pakistan kid of 3 year starts to get lessons of sex then we need a new force of sex teachers, books, sex toys and lot of more.

    The industry would be the richest one in our Islamic Land.

    Go ahead Malik you will get a job of CEO in sex Industry. Geo will launch free add campaign.

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