KalTak 16th January 2009

Discussion in 'Kal Tak' started by Hit Man, Jan 17, 2009.

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    Guests: Nabil Gabol, Ehsan Iqbal

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    I have already posted this another thread but I believe the danger should be highlighted.

    Don’t get excited with miliband or Obama when they mention solving Kashmir issue,
    Because they always have hidden agenda, I can remember just before they attacked Afghanistan they started to talk about sorting Palestinian problem,(remember the road map???) the same when Zionist attacked Iraq, this was only to fool the muslim people, and the muslim puppet governments are not a problem for them.

    I see dark clouds when they talk about resolving Kashmir issue, it’s a con, mark my word.
    Even our analyst gets all excited when Kashmir word is uttered by a western leader.
    Our leaders will be telling us, if we do this dirty work for Zionist, they will solve our Kashmir struggle, give us on a plate.

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