Debate Grand Alliance of Opposition! Dream or wish, Who is helping Current set up???

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    PMLN efforts to make a Grand Alliance against current setup has dim Chances after current attacks of PTI leadership on PMLN. Some how these parties went too far to be united in coming elections. Although in Politics everything and anything is possible but Election is around the Korner and seems like PMLN is still alone on this Page. The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has succeeded in giving checkmate to the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) after foiling the latter’s move to form of a grand alliance against the government before election, President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister, Rehman Malik are Using successfuly, Leadership of PTI, MQM, JUI, ANP AND Q-League against PMLN wish of Making Alliance for defeating Current Setup.

    Whenever the PML-N leadership announced running a movement against the government and held meetings with other political parties, Interior Establishment and Political Forces immediately approached those parties and convinced them that more time should be given to the current government. On the other hand, sources in the PML-N said that their negotiations with some opponents of the PPP government were still continuing and that they have not succeed in establishing a grand alliance after War of words with PTI, Q League and MQM. They said they would launch a big movement against the government which had failed to provide relief to people BUT Seems like the whole system is helping Since last 10 years PML-N is only party strongly against Establishment and because of this Facing critical situation by PTI. ISI Chief General Shuja Pasha and Imran Khan meets 2 year ago, This meeting was Turning point for Imran Khan's Politics, since than Imran Khan comes forward and Challenge to Nawaz Sharif Only??, but silent against Asif Ali Zardari and MQM Imran Khan's behavior is like extremists against PML-N and signaling that Establishment is at Work. On the other hand Zardari and its Coalition Partners specialy Q league(Pro Establishment) is working against PMLN Too.

    Question is : Is Establishment's Revenge continue against PML-N ? Will the Future of Pakistan would be in the Hand of Zardari and Co?? Current Pakistan is victim of Grudges, Interior animosity between the pilars of Power are at its Peek. Malicious attacks on Personalities are being promoted on Public Media. Mockery and Hypocracy is at work nation wide which way we are Heading??

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