Eight things to keep in mind when selecting lawn this season

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    Eight things to keep in mind when selecting lawn this season

    Published: March 22, 2016
    Source: pakmediablog.net

    Pakistani women love to shop, and in the summers it is all about lawn. Why lawn, you ask? Well, that’s because the material is light and allows your body to get enough fresh air in the summer. But despite choosing the material you want, women here still face one conundrum; too many options. To help you out, here’s the ultimate guide to selecting the best lawn:

    1. Limited edition
    Always go limited. Running into someone else wearing the same lawn print as you is every Pakistani woman’s worst nightmare. It’s always better to look out for brands that offer limited edition pieces. Limited edition means fewer women wearing the same clothes as you.


    2. Quality
    No one wants to buy clothes to wear them once. You want something that has high quality and won’t lose its charm after a single wear. If you’re spending the doe, do it right; look for a brand that ensures good quality. Lawn brands that control their processes in the supply chain starting from fabric construction to the finished product are more likely to offer better quality clothes as compared to other brands.


    3. Colours
    Summers are very hot in Pakistan. To enjoy lawn season at its best, make sure you pick some beautiful, bright colours. Cheerful lemon yellows or bright, happy pinks naturally reflect the mood of the season. But don’t just go for the usual summer colours – look for bright coral, daffodil yellow, gentle violets that blend into pale stone colours and ultra-light greens. You can experiment with a wide palette of colours.


    4. Digital prints and block prints
    With the lawn game going strong in Pakistan, there is a new brand launching every season! With so many brands offering lawn these days, chances are, you won’t see any prints that really stand out. Finding a lawn collection that offers unique prints is not going to be easy but it’s not impossible. Don’t settle for the granny style lawn prints; look for stylish block prints and digital prints, scope websites for different brands and choose the one you know you have never seen before.


    5. Patterns
    This spring and summer, aim for the florals. This in no way means you walk out looking like a flower vase. Look for something that gives a fresh look to floral patterns: this season choose digital detail or block print; something new – something unique.


    6. Intricate embroidery
    No one wants to wear heavily embellished lawn outfits in the summer, but intricate embroidery around the neck or on the sleeves will definitely give you an edge over your peers.


    7. Trendy and chic designs
    We have seen too many simple lawn dresses and we’re over them. Try something different. Look for brands that experiment with the designs; long shirts, short shirts, kurtis, laces, buttons, collars, embroidery, dyes, prints, patterns, unique cuts – there is so much you can choose from!


    8. Style up that lawn!

    We have always used lawn the conventional way; a shalwar kameez. Try something different this time, make yourself a timeless pair of digital print lawn pants and pair them up with a plain top. Chic, trendy and since you’re doing something different, you are guaranteed to stand out!

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