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    Dear All

    There are definitely serious issues in Pearl communications for a period of time. But not the one,as mentioned by some(or who will continue to predict) and will definitely be discussed on various threads like this as we'll. I may be coming out soon with details of the delay in the project.
    The major one is the licence from Pemra. Just prior to our application, licences were banned and we were expecting to get them from courts so we went to Islamabad high court. Our case is pending there. Also just to remind friends that I am also against Pemra in Supreme court of Pakistan against (bench headed by CJ himself). All other attempts were also blocked.

    During all this period the consortium financing this project was expecting a quick decision from courts in which we failed.

    We were lucky enough not to buy technical equipment,build studios or producing entertainment stuff etc.

    Lot of events were happening during this period in the region including turmoil in arab world stretching from Tunisia to Egypt and attack on Libya, and then on the domestic like OBL in abbotabad and then attack on naval base in karachi..during which I remained disconnected from the people(from where my real strength comes).
    I have already requested the consortium led by respected Hashwani sahib to re visit the whole plan without further delay. In the mean time I am involving myself more in writings,finishing my book and completing few projects which I started earlier.

    In a democratic government, we were expecting better for media..bringing investments and creating numerous jobs. I was wrong in judgement. I am advising the consortium to restructure the organisation as well till the time,we resolve the licence issues.

    During last ten years I have learned to present my case to the people..and let them decide. At the moment I am having lunch with Hashwani sb and other consortium members to design the future strategy.

    People knowing his commitment to Pakistan,he will never shelve this project.


    Dr Shahid Masood
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    being back musharraf, only way to save pakistan
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    allah mehfoz rakhe
    is jhoote bewaquf aor pagal
    shahid masud se
    waise iss pagal se koi pooche , abe shahid
    tujhe " zardari " ko itna mazboot hote hoe dekh kar
    chullu bhar pani main dob nahin jana chahiye
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    Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakista
    ye tv channel waly b pagal hain jo is mental case ko bitha dety hain camera k aagey, besharam insan hai ye shahaid masood, sahafat k naam pe dhaba hain is tarh k log............

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