Debate DG ISI did not meet Arab leaders between May 1-9: ISPR

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    [h=1]DG ISI did not meet Arab leaders between May 1-9: ISPR[/h]Statem­ent releas­ed on websit­e says report­s allegi­ng that Pasha met with Arab leader­s made 'false assert­ions'.
    Published: December 21, 2011

    Statement released on website says reports alleging that Pasha met with Arab leaders made 'false assertions'. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

    The Inter Services Public Relations department (ISPR) has denied a media report which had stated that DG Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) Shuja Pasha had met Arab leaders to discuss a military coup in Pakistan.
    A statement released by ISPR on their website on Wednesday clarified that Pasha did not meet any Arab leaders between May 1-9, 2011 and the report was published “without verification at any level”.
    It says:
    DG ISI’s other visits to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE only, prior to or after this period, were part of routine intelligence sharing activity, during which he interacted with his counterparts only.
    The ISPR statement says that a legal notice will also be served to the British newspaper to retract the story.
    Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz, the whistleblower behind the Memogate affair, claimed that Pasha had visited Arab countries for discussions on a possible coup, according to media reports.
    The newspaper The Independent had published the report on December 13 on the issue. The website, in a blog post, quoted Ijaz as saying: “Their [US intelligence] information was that Pasha had travelled to a few Arab countries to talk about what the necessary line of action would be in the event that they had to remove Zardari from power, and so forth.”

    What ever Ijaz Mansoor is saying against Hussain Haqqani is right, but whatever he is saying about DG.ISI is baseless or wrong, how this could be? question is not about on particular dates he met with Saudi kingdom, he is in fact admitting the meetings but not on those dates, did he submitted the report to PM or even COAS about his activities
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    The name of ISPR should be changed to ISDS (Inter-Service Denial Section). Has ISPR ever accepted anything? Whenever they say something in the media its something about which 'they have never done'.
    For instance:
    ISPR denies Pantagon's allegation of Osama hideout in Pakistan.
    ISPR denies PNS Mehran incident was and inside job.
    ISPR denies ISI involvement in BB's murder.
    ISPR denies Saleem Shezad was murdered by ISI.
    ISPR denies of any extra-judicial killings by Security Forces in FATA.

    and; ISPR denies they ever denied any fact.
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    every person is neither an angel that he will never speak a lie nor a shaitan that he will never speak a fact. What is lie, is a lie and vice versa. What can be proved is truth and what can not, is lie.

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