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Sep 4, 2014
    1. khalid jamil malik
      khalid jamil malik
      BEYOND the murky world of drugs and alcohol,substance abuse seems to have taken on a new dimension among teenagers,with products of everyday deodorants
      glues,gas lighters now becoming the substance of choice for teenagers. in the us,vicodin is one of the most commonly abused medical drug. last year,more than
      15 percent of high school students admitted using prescription drugs for non medical purposes. closer home,the uae was shocked by the recent death of a 17 year old dubai based student after in haling butane. parents seem to be oblivious to
      the ease with which children have access to such products and children are probably unaware of the damage that substance abuse can cause,what can be done to address the issue?
    2. khalid jamil malik
      khalid jamil malik
      If you go to kalash where people live without all communication of life,no tv ,no mobile phone,no internet access,no doctors and still burn wood to cook there meal ,
      they live in chitral district deep in the hindukush mountains in the north of Pakistan.
      look like a place out side of this world.the kalash are believed to be descendent of the army of Alexander the great.they are a threatened people,as there are less than
      4000 of them are left. its a part of our beautiful country to whom we do not know
      but we knows a lot about USA, UK and Dubai where we often visit and feel proud to go there.
    3. khalid jamil malik
      khalid jamil malik
      THE Taliban once revered as the defenders of ISLAM,are rapidly losing public support in Pakistan because of act of brutality against civilian,such as this weeks deadly attack at a Sufi shrine
      leaders of all political parties including the islamist ones,criticised the hard-line militants after two suicide bombers struck the mausoleum of 11th century saint hassan ali hajvery on Thursday night in the city of Lahore. i can not believe that this is the act of a can one bombs a place where helpless and destitute people come for prayers and beggars gather to get free food
      if a Taliban are responsible for such barbarity,then from now on i will stop considering them even as human beings, let alone Muslims
    4. khalid jamil malik
      khalid jamil malik
      Mr and mrs parrot passed through a deserted place, mr parrot look arround and said its state of owl.On next tree a owl was listening mr parrot.He took off and sit on there side,introduce him self and invite both of them for a night stay.Mr and mrs parrot accepted it with open heart. in the morning they decided to go BACK,as they were about to go owl hold the hand of mrs parrot and said how daire you are to take my wife with you.parrot was surprised he start protesting.
      owl said no need to protest we have to go to the court like civilised birds.So all went to the court,after a full day hearing,court gave the judgement she is a wife of owl.parrot was stun,and he decided to go back he was departing owl called and said take ur wife with you.this was another surprise for parrot.owl laughed and said we both knows that she is you wife and came with you,i only want to explain to you that the places and countrys become deserted not becouse of us its because of ill justise.
    5. khalid jamil malik
      khalid jamil malik
      READERS you and me and most of the people are living in past or 2morrow, very few are living in 2day.the day which is passing on the hour which is passing on the minuets and seconds which are becoming past and history with the click of watch.why we always remembering the past,its only good if we want to learn lession
      from that,but not for cursing,forget what others did with you.remember what you have to do today with other,and end of the day do the accountability your self,the day i spend what was right and what was wrong,planing for future is ok,but its not mean not to enjoy today.the time whih is passing is a life.thats why says the performing the pray on time is afzal mean beter,who knows later you can or live in today,the hour or second which is passing is a life.who knows NEXT BREATH WILL COME OR NOT,
    6. khalid jamil malik
      khalid jamil malik
      knows it would not always be perfect.try as we all may.time management is not an exact not stress out and waste time in the process- by obsessing over every second of time. do what you can,and enjoy what ever time you spend more pleasantly or grateful for what goes right and learn from your mistakes.say truth always, it will work when time will come.
    7. khalid jamil malik
      khalid jamil malik
      hay to day is my birth day
    8. khalid jamil malik
      khalid jamil malik
      /pakistaniI CON WITHOUT FILE.
      WHEN ever i go for a jumah pray i always get some good things from imam of pakistani markaz masjad.and some time i shares with you all also.his name is qari hanif.the way he teach the new genration is a uniqe .this time again he said that molvies always
      talk about beard,because they him self had it.they always talk about amals (what we are doing) never talk about elem(knowledge) which we have to get.because if we all will get that, then who will go to ask them.there importence will finish
      second thing he explain that a man apearence is like a i con. and if his apearence is like a good muslim but by amals he is
      not a good muslim then he is like a i con which do not had files in him.if you duble click him he will not open.because after
      creating i con files has been deleted.a use less i con................
    9. khalid jamil malik
      khalid jamil malik
      why its becoming our national habit to interferes each others life.not only we are interfereing we feel that this is our right to interfere other life.mother father like to interferes the children life. children like to interferes the parents sister interferes each others life.we interferes even neighbers life.we like to give sugestions to others even he donot ask or do not like,
      we not only give the sugetions we like next person accept it and follow that its becoming daily news topic.this department is interfereing to othere department.thats why i said its becoming our national habit.plese think about a arm distence from each other give freedom in ur surounding. start from home from your family from your neighber not unnececery interfere in others meters and donot let the others to interfere in yours meters.and sea all will be ok you will feel good others will feel good.and life will be on right path.
    10. FIAZ AHMED
      Thank You My Friend khalid jamil malik
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