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Apr 12, 2019
Jul 7, 2007
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Hit Man


Moderator Siasi Karkun
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Apr 12, 2019
    1. Silent Ray
      Silent Ray
      Kisi bujhe hue chehry par khushi kesi lage gi....
      i think extreme happiness....
      look at this beautiful innocent....


      Kisi ne usy itna khush kiya he......k wo dunia ka sab se khush bacha lag raha he....


      apne irdgrid zaruratmand laogon ki manad karain.......jab bhi aap is kabil hon.....
      chalain un ki zindagi nahi badal sakte na sahi.......unhe choti choti khushiyan to de sakte hn.......bcoz khushi zindagi se umeed ko jane nahi deti.
      aur umeed to phir sab kuch he .
    2. perfect stranger
      perfect stranger
      salam brother,

      Hit Man bhai How are you. it seems that admin of FK dont like anything against MQM or Altaf. my comments and links removed without any reason. I think admin should explain of removing comments or image otherwise this forum will consider not neutral. we must need to show real face of our politicians. we are pakistani and we love pakistan.
    3. mujunaidphd
      My sent threads are not being approved. Please can oyu tl me any reasons and have they been checked?
    4. almkashif
      salam and thanx..
    5. Mahanoor
      Dear Bhai

      Why dont u post Dr. Shaista Program, Good morning Pakistan. Its really nice and give us the reflection of an ideal pakistan. Anyways bhai please 2moorw in morning there will be a repeat telecast of GMP mother's day show day 1 which is really heart touching. If u could record and post it here so that i can download and take for my Ammi.

      Apkee bohot maharbani hogee
      That show is really touching and a kind of slaute to all the mothers. Please ,its will be aired on ARY Digital in morning Pakistan may be 8 or 8.30 am .
      Thank you
    6. misssheikh79
      salam i just came to know that there r there soaps starting from tomorrow on jeo in pakistan i.e CHOONAY DO ASMAN ,YE KAISI MUHABBAT HAY ,KON JANAY KYA HOGA ...can u upload them plzzzzzzzzzzz
    7. misssheikh79
      salam will u plz upload drama comming soon on tv 1 "haroon tou piya teri"plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    8. jamez85
      check that liked bro,if u like it so uploaded
      BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Iran and the West, The Man who Changed the World
      The Man who Changed the World
      Iran and the West
    9. ehtisham
      hit yaar atleast sayasi log show must have bin there ......from my side .....ba da rule wass first come first sereved but i think these rules dont apply on mods
    10. ~Zymal~
    11. Mr Meer
    12. uashah007
      Well bro i think u r too much bzy u got ma messge but cause u r too much bzy thats y u cant reply so i ll wait fr ur soon reply thnx
    13. uashah007
      Bahi salam k baad arz hai k mein app ko fst time messege kr raha hoon hope u r fine bahi bohat bohat shkriya appka k app ne hum sub umeed kee fresh episode post kee sub se pehle thnx a lot but mere app se aik aur request hai plz kia mein yeh episode aur last wali i mean jo last week post kee thee in 2ono ko kia download kr sakta hoon plz agar app ko koi links pata hein tu plz pm kijye ga mein app k reply ka wait kroon ga mujh ko download kr k apne frnds ko dehkana hai apne cell phone k zariye so plz plz bataye ga agar download ho sake tu both episodes i will wait fr ur answer thnx again and i hope u will must reply waiting bye allah hafiz .... N ya app kahan hein i mean where r u living bahi in pakistan?
    14. ...CrUsHeD...
    15. nasirzaidi14
      bolta pakistan iis syill not opening
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